Seraphine is a digitally-led specialist brand of quality designer maternity and nursing wear in the UK, US and Europe with revenues of over £40M a year.

“Review of Planning and Trading to recommend changes to support scaling up”

Now listed Seraphine is expanding rapidly through its own websites, third parties and wholesale with a growth rate of over 30% a year. Introduced by the Chair and engaged by the CEO and Creative Director to review Planning and Trading and make recommendations, based on best practices to develop capability. Seraphine has the entrepreneurial drive and dynamic culture of a small business and wants to stay agile. However, it also has long lead times and relatively stable demand, which requires discipline in Planning to drive performance.

The output was a series of proposals, both quick wins and medium/ long term to support the business ambitions. These were grouped into: Business planning to give clarity and context; Product planning to shape the buy and deal with more complex channels and markets; Stock planning to focus on the quality and quantity of stock to manage the right level of investment and Trading to ensure good data-based decision-making to maximise performance.

Seraphine accepted the recommendations and are building a plan to implement the priorities in conjunction with putting in place the right resource.

"Sarah was knowledgeable, a good listener, easy to work with and most importantly produced actionable output exactly in line with the brief. I’d happily work with Sarah again and indeed have used her as a sounding board with projects from time to time."
David N. Williams
CEO, Seraphine

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