Eco Outdoor is an Australian business supplying innovative and unique exterior surface treatments and designer garden furniture for personal and commercial design projects.

With a global supply chain and international markets, Eco Outdoor wanted help to plan its ordering more effectively to support customer needs, without tying up too much cash in expensive materials.

An associate partner, Claire Morris (Retail with Clarity) worked with the Eco Outdoor team to scope, develop and deliver a line level forecasting tool. The tool has given Eco Outdoor visibility of their current and future stock position. This has enabled them to re-forecast monthly in a more dynamic way, helping the team make the connections and improving their planning capability. The tool will also provide data for business planning and vendor management.

"Sarah has a wealth of experience and tailored her guidance and coaching to our needs. I am very pleased with the outcomes. I’d happily work with Sarah again and indeed have used her as a sounding board with projects from time to time."
Rachel Osborne
CEO - Ted Baker

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