Unlocking commercial potential and helping business survive and thrive in a period of unparalleled change.


Unlocking commercial potential and helping business survive and thrive in a period of unparalleled change.


A board director with over 30 years experience in commercial leadership roles. My corporate experience with John Lewis, Tesco and Marks and Spencer gave me fantastic training in retail principles, process improvement, change management and leadership. I broadened my business expertise by completing the Advanced Management Programme at INSEAD business school, Fontainebleau, France.


Discover my key success stories ranging from Tesco to John Lewis and El Corte Ingles, to thrifty start-ups and not for profit. Whatever the project, my approach is simple: a clear vision and objectives, resources aligned to skills, collaboration, consultation – all with an agile approach and the end always in mind.

Sustainable improvement delivered through setting a vision and goals, action planning and
resource management
Through a shared sense of purpose, achievement
and recognition
Bringing cross-functional teams together to share expertise and deliver innovative solutions
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My services are rooted in the commercial functions of omni-channel, international retail but are relevant for all consumer facing organisations, large or small; across all sectors and ownership models, including not for profit. I also help suppliers and brands sharpen their pitches and delivery to retailers. From a workshop to a strategic review and from a day assignment to a long-term advisory role, this varied approach provides clear deliverables and an external objective view to boards and operational teams. From diagnosis and strategy to delivery, I lead client teams and/or selected associates to deliver these key services:

  • Defining clarity of purpose and setting a vision
  • Communicating a consistent customer proposition
  • Transformational change: customer, people, operations
  • Omni-channel operating model development and systems road map
  • Cross-functional process efficiency improvement
  • System evaluation, selection and design eg: WSSI
  • Building a benefits case and CAPEX proposal
  • Setting a profitable channel strategy and optimising cash
  • Advising own managed brands on how to present to retailers / maximising channels
  • Organisational structures, role profiles and RACIs
  • Leading and facilitating workshops and masterclasses
  • C level consult to directors and mentoring leaders

I work with a trusted group of associates, who share the same values and can offer a broad range of specialist knowledge and expertise, as each project requires. This enables me to adjust the resource level according to the scope and scale of the project. I believe that every business is unique. I don’t apply a standard model but pick from our broad experience the right elements that will unlock the potential in each business.


I have some fundamental principles that underpin everything I do:


I understand each business’s purpose and strategy, helping to define and re-define it.


I balance financial performance with “what’s in it for the customer” in every recommendation.


I extract the insight from data to illuminate business performance.


I simplify the complex to provide clarity.


I always ask how we can add value to a business or person and will be honest if I can’t.


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